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Strategically Sensible and Forward Thinking 

Medical  Education:

  • Disease state education planning
  • Disease state education activities
  • Medical science liaison (MSL) training
  • MSL resources

Thought Leader and KOL  Development:

  • Identification of medical experts/Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)
  • Scientific advisory board support
  • Virtual collaboration tools
  • Needs assessments and education programs

Medical and Scientific  Publications

  • Medical writing and editorial support
  • Medical publication management
  • Medical publication plan development
  • Scientific data generation plans
  • Competitor gap analysis

Scientific  Meetings:

  • On-site planning tools
  • Medical conference debriefs
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Supporting scientific materials

Emanating from novel scientific research platforms, we offer a variety of unique approaches to support your strategic communication or medical education goals for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device or other healthcare products.

Our credentialed multidisciplinary team of seasoned medical writers and editors, scientific directors, account managers, digital strategists, publication planning specialists, social media experts, technology specialists, and graphic designers provides the optimal solution for every challenges. The results from our focused and dedicated approach surpass your expectations.‚Äč